Breeder Nests

Our breeder nests and egg collection systems are ideal for any broiler breeder production house. We offer both single hole laying nests, as well as group and colony breeder nest systems. All systems include unique features and are both comfortable and safe for laying eggs. You’ll also find that all of these systems are not only effective in increasing bird performance but also helpful in boosting your company’s profitability. Click below to read more about each product:


The NXB is a single hole laying nest designed with both productivity and compatibility in mind. Produced for the next breed of breeder hens, this system features complete coverage for the eggs, removable sections for ease of use, and various optional additions to maximize your systems abilities.


The Relax system is a newly developed single-tier group laying nest for broiler breeders. This system is not only compatible with other poultry production products for increased effectiveness but also is highly hygienic, as well as gentle to ensure safe and smooth transport for eggs.


The Retreat system is an easy-to-clean, highly hygienic winchable group colony nest for broiler breeders. This system is highly adjustable for any situation and need – it can be placed on legs or slats and adapt different height preferences depending on your environment.

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