Bird Scales

Weighing birds on a regular daily basis is a valuable tool for economic success. It provides you with the necessary data to monitor the growth process of your flock. You will be able to detect irregular growth at a much earlier stage and can react quickly by adapting feeding and ventilation or check health status more closely. Click to read more about each product below:

Swing 20

Poultry scale for broilers and broiler breeder production.


Integrated nest scales for colony and single hole nests​.

Swing 70

Poultry scale for turkey production.


ComScale is a stand-alone weighing computer which can either be installed as stationary unit in the service room or it can be used as a battery-powered mobile version. It can be connected to Swing 20 (broiler weighing), Swing 70 (turkey weighing) as well as to Incas 2 poultry scales.


FlexScale is a manual mobile poultry scale. It is a battery-powered, portable and very user-friendly weighing computer which records bird weights.

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