Turkey Management

Producers have entrusted Big Dutchman to provide turkey solutions that are durable, predictable and reliable. Standing up to the toughest turkey, Big Dutchman systems result in better feed conversions, less waste, increased productivity and efficiency.  Select the product category below that you’d like to learn more about:

Latest News

How climate can negatively affect broiler health

Housing is a crucial cornerstone of healthy broiler development,” says Heinz Südkamp, Product Manager Climate at Big Dutchman International. “Creating the right environment sets chicks up to achieve higher weight gains and overall results…

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Why Big Dutchman?

With our global presence comes knowledge and experience from farms around the world. We are always thinking one step ahead, developing equipment and solutions that are dedicated to animal welfare and the environment. At the same time, they improve best practices and profits for the producer. Win-win? We think so.