Taking action for future generations

Feeding the world is our business. Farmers around the world rely on Big Dutchman. Because our high-tech farming solutions for protein and plants make them successful. As a family business, we think about and take action for further generations – and promote animal-friendly and sustainable solutions as an integral part of what we offer.

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We are a reliable partner for our customers

Customer focus is very important to us at Big Dutchman. We listen carefully to our customers, note their wishes and respond to their suggestions. We offer them individual and sound complete solutions consisting of consultations, products and services. And we like to go the extra mile to achieve this goal. For our customers, we are flexible, we act quickly – and we accompany them as a long-term partner.

We are innovative

We are technical pioneers in our industry and listen carefully to our customers. Our high-tech farming solutions make them successful. And we have the know-how and the ambition to develop innovations and shape the market with them. Together with our suppliers, we translate our customers’ requirements into practical products and services. We understand what farmers need.

We take responsibility

As a company, we bear economic responsibility. As a family business, we think about and take action for future generations, accepting social and environmental responsibility. We conserve resources and promote animal-friendly and sustainable solutions as an integral part of what we offer. Regionally and worldwide.

We are flexible and open to anything new

“Think big” is our motto. Our employees’ ideas move us forward, helping to ensure success. For the best Big Dutchman solutions, we think “outside the box,” because that’s the only way we and our customers can get ahead. We value good performance and always give the best of ourselves. And we know how important lifelong learning is – personally and professionally.

We achieve our goals as a team

Improving the world’s nutrition is a big task – and we can do it as a team. We don’t want a dog-eat-dog world. What sets us apart is open and good cooperation with all colleagues, worldwide. We value and encourage personal initiative and responsibility – and we leave no one out in the cold. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder, we simply achieve more.

We value diversity

Every single colleague makes the Big Dutchman team something special. All over the world, we go on site for our customers. Just like our customers and suppliers, we have many cultures and different perspectives in our team. We are proud of this, because our diversity is our strength. We know what our customers need from our solutions for agriculture on all five continents, and our products and services cater to their requirements.

We act fairly and honestly

As a family business, reliable and fair interactions are particularly close to our heart. One factor is very clear to us: At all times and everywhere in the world, we act as we would want to be treated by others.