Community style nest with more laying space for your hens

Relax is a group laying nest designed especially for broiler breeders. It has proven to provide birds with a better laying environment around the world.

The nest provides space for 220-240 birds per nest section, so your birds won’t fight for nest space. The back wall automatically closes the nest after the laying period, ensuring that the nest remains clean and that the hens do not brood there. The almost screwless, snap-on system allows for quick and easy assembly.

Important Advantages

  • High nest acceptance
  • Room for 220-240 birds per nest section, so birds won’t fight for nest space
  • Short rolling-off distance and gentle transport of the eggs
  • Easy nest and egg belt control
  • Nest can be closed to prevent hens from sleeping or brooding inside the nest
  • Nest curtains allow for ample privacy for the birds during the day
  • Can be combined with our integrated nest scale, NESCA, to weigh birds accurately as they enter the nest to lay

Latest Enhancements

Some recent adjustments have been made to the Relax nest to further enhance its performance, including:

  • Redesigned nest covers are stronger and easier to clean
  • Entry height adjustment to further increase nest accessibility
  • Two different egg belt widths are offered
  • Nest assembly is now even easier than before
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View and download the latest Relax nest product brochure and other broiler breeder management resources.

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The NXB is a single hole laying nest designed with both productivity and compatibility in mind. Produced for the next breed of breeder hens, this system features complete coverage for the eggs, removable sections for ease of use, and various optional additions to maximize your systems abilities.


This versatile and durable table collection system is best suited for broiler breeder houses with manual packing. EggSort is ideal for gentle egg collection because it features no transfer points.


NESCA is a poultry scale that can be used with any one of our broiler breeder nests. The scale is integrated and automatically determines the weight of hens visiting the nest to lay their eggs. 

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