Canadian poultry trade show canceled: Meet us online instead!

Disappointing news won't get in the way of connecting

June 10, 2022

The National Poultry Show was planned for June 22-23, 2022 in London, Ontario. Big Dutchman was greatly looking forward to interacting with the Canadian poultry industry once again in person after a long break due to COVID19. However, due to the current outbreak of Avian Influenza across the country, the show organizers have decided to cancel the in person event.

Although the Big Dutchman staff was disappointed to hear the news of yet another trade show cancellation, we are excited to still offer various opportunities for Canadian producers to get more information about our products and to connect with our team.

Check Out These Products

A tried and true aviary system: NATURA Step

The NATURA® Step is a multi-tiered true aviary system which is fully open. The system provides full freedom to the bird to move in and out of the equipment at all times. The name NATURA® Step comes from the unique steps which are designed to allow easy movement from one tier to another.

A popular single-tier nesting system: Colony 2+

The COLONY 2+ is a single-tier nesting system that features one row of nests in the center of the house, slats on either side, and feeders and drinkers. It is best suitable for smaller flocks. The nest with our patented tilting nest floor and central egg belt provides optimal egg quality.

Three tier rearing aviary: NATURA Primus

The NATURA® Primus rearing aviary system offers you the best possible pre-requisites for a smooth transition of the pullets from the rearing to the laying aviary. This system helps provide uniform and healthy pullets and a good start into the laying phase.

Fully enriched colony housing: AVECH III

The AVECH® III is a layer colony housing system which gives you the ability to start off with an enrichable system, and then move into a completely enriched system when you’re ready. The AVECH® III is designed to meet and adapt to the complexities of the different markets you serve.

Poultry Feed Pans

Big Dutchman’s poultry feeding pans are designed to help produce healthy, uniform birds while at the same time delivering excellent feed conversions. From broiler, to broiler breeder and turkey pans, our selection covers all of your needs.

Join Our Facebook Live

For egg producers who looked forward to connecting with our Aviary Specialist at the trade show, we are hosting a Live Q&A session on Facebook Wednesday, July 6th at 2:00pm Eastern. For more information click the link below:

Connect with Our Local Distributor

Questions about any of these products or services? Please reach out to our distributor, J. Dean Williamson Ltd., who also planned to be present at the National Poultry Show:

J. Dean Williamson Ltd.
1922 Mallard Rd. Unit 1
London, ON N6H 5M1
Phone: +1-519-657-5231

More About the National Poultry Show

The National Poultry Show in London, Ontario, has grown to be one of North America’s premier poultry trade shows, bringing together the best in the poultry industry with the latest in poultry technology, innovations and education.