Smart farm management wherever you are

BigFarmNet is an all-in-one farm management software which allows the customer to list and visualize as well as process and control barn climate and production data. BigFarmNet can be controlled with our ViperTouch computer in the barns, from the office PC, or anywhere you are on a mobile device or tablet. You can actively prevent trends instead of reacting to them later. The software connects all your applications and equipment together, optimizing production and making farm management easy!

Important Advantages

  • Farm remains operational at all times, even when not connected to the network
  • All computers have modern, 10 inch or 7 inch touchscreens that display all functions and are easy to understand
  • Uniform menu structure makes for intuitive navigation and operation
  • The software uses simple, easy-to-understand symbols
  • Quick data overview, both as graphs and as lists
  • Detailed alarm log, history and analysis
  • Fast connection to the office PC via LAN Ethernet and wireless networks
  • Communication with existing computers via BFN-WebLink
  • Use of standard IT components
  • Remote access via RDP protocol


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