Poultry house lighting is one of many factors that plays a role in the productivity of your egg laying hens. In order for each hen to have maximized egg producing capabilities, it’s crucial that each one is getting enough light during the day. Proper lighting for your poultry house can not only increase egg production & hen productivity, but considering energy efficient solutions that Big Dutchman offers will save you money as well. Big Dutchman offers reliable, efficient LED lighting options for your entire poultry house and for inside your cages. Click to read more about each product below:

Zeus LED

This innovative 2 channel moisture-proof LED lamp will reduce energy usage while also ensuring that your hens have the proper lighting that they need. Zeus works hard to ensure even lighting throughout the entire poultry house.

Flex LED

There are nearly no boundaries for the Flex LED. This tube lamp features dimming capabilities and high pressure cleaning resistance. The Flex LED optimally illuminates aviaries as well as colony and cage systems.

Flex LED Bulb

Flex LED Bulb is the ideal lamp to replace your conventional light bulbs in aisles or on ceilings. This lamp features dimming capabilities and high pressure cleaning resistance.

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