Egg Production News & Events

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    Big Dutchman Acquires Agricultural Building Business from Betco

    “An important step to further our strategy of becoming the most competitive supplier of turn-key solutions” The Big Dutchman group based in Vechta, Germany, announced today that it has acquired Qingdao Betco Asia Co., Ltd. (Betco Qingdao), which is the livestock building business of the North Carolina-based steel structure specialist Betco, Inc. with over 30 years ...

  • EuroTier 2016 | BD PowerSystems Presents Revolutionary Energy Supply System

    PowerBox: first off-grid power supply for livestock farmers At this year’s EuroTier in Hanover, Germany, BD PowerSystems will present a trendsetting innovation for the energy supply of livestock buildings: With the PowerBox, farmers gain complete self-sufficiency from public grids. The main energy source for PowerBox are solar panels. Three additional energy sources and a clever energy ...

  • EuroTier 2016 | Robust Big Dutchman Innovation Efficiently Lights Difficult Areas in the Poultry House

    FleXLED ECO: New and small LED lamp can be installed in just three seconds Installation is quickly and easily done by crimping. FleXLED ECO uses the newest LED technology and has an impressive service life of 50,000 hours, thus requiring only minimum maintenance. For EuroTier 2016, Big Dutchman presents the first LED lamp that is resistant against ...

  • EuroTier 2016: Big Dutchman Innovation for Layers with Untrimmed Beaks

    PickPuck permanently occupies the layers and wears down the beak in a natural way A swinging plate with a coarse surface is suspended below a drop pipe filled with attractive feed such as wheat. When a hen picks onto the plate or nudges it from the side, this movement dispenses a small amount of feed that ...

  • EuroTier 2016 | Innovative Big Dutchman Alarm Unit AC Touch Cross-Check Recognizes Fan Failure

    Alarm ahead of the damage With a new function of the AC Touch alarm unit, Big Dutchman now takes a great leap forward: The system extension “Cross-Check” recognizes issues within the ventilation system before dangerous situations such as excessive temperatures occur. AC Touch Cross-Check verifies that fans or fan groups actually start rotating after being activated ...