Cage-Free Aviary Systems

No matter what type of aviary system, we can deliver a cage-free rearing or layer solution for your unique needs. With over 100 million hens housed in our cage-free systems around the world, over 80 years of experience, and the most system design options available, you can depend on us for the maximum return on your investment and solutions that last through many flocks.

NATURA Step & Step XL – Layer

Multi-tiered true aviary systems which are fully open, the NATURA Step and Step XL provide full freedom to the bird to move in and out of the equipment at all times. The name NATURA Step comes from the unique steps which are designed to allow easy movement from one tier to another.

Colony 2+ – Layer

The COLONY2+ system is a single-tier open access aviary that features one row of nests in the center of the house, slats on either side, and feeders and drinkers. It is best suitable for smaller flocks, and is popular among some organic egg producers. The COLONY2+ nest with our patented tilting nest floor and central egg belt provides optimal egg quality.

NATURA Sunrise – Layer

NATURA Sunrise is a unique multi-tier open access aviary that features a central egg belt and divided tilting nest floor.

NATURA 60 & 70 – Layer

NATURA 60 & 70 are multi-tier select access aviaries which allow birds in and out of the system through defined locations and at selected times. These systems are known and popular for their excellent egg production figures and ease of management.

NATURA Filia – Rearing

NATURA Filia is a two-tier rearing aviary system developed by Big Dutchman to meet the requirements of day-old chicks and pullets in an optimal way.

NATURA Primus – Rearing

The NATURA Primus three-tier rearing aviary systems offer you the best possible prerequisites for a smooth transition of pullets from the rearing to the laying aviary.

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We appreciate the partnership with Big Dutchman and are proud of how we are doing with cage-free. It's been an excellent collaboration.

– Nate Taylor, Forsman Farms

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