Hot Water Convection Heaters

No open combustion inside the house

Convection heaters are becoming increasingly popular, since they significantly improve the house climate by reducing CO2 concentration in the house air. In piglet rearing houses with two-climate systems, twin pipes are installed directly in the piglet resting area. This saves energy costs as temperatures controlled by the convection heater in the rest of the pen can be significantly lower.

The 135 Pro and 235 Pro climate computers regulate the entire house climate, including the continuous three-way control of the hot water heaters from 0 to 100%.

Important Advantages

  • Significantly improve the house climate by reducing the CO2 concentration
  • Maximizes heat output using a radiator with a large surface
  • Heating elements are mounted directly beneath the air inlets to heat the incoming air
  • Pigs do not have to handle fluctuating temperatures which maximizes growth