Electronic Sow Feeding

Electronic sow feeding (ESF) systems are used to individually feed sows kept in groups while they are pregnant. Sows are marked with transponder ear tags and the feeding station adapts according to the diet of that particular sow – only feeding the ration they are given throughout the day. These systems allow for animal-friendly housing and a feeding method specifically adapted to the requirements of each individual sow. Plus, they require minimal and easy training – putting your mind at ease when making decisions about what type of system to invest in. Click to read more about each product below:

CallMatic 3 Pro

The CallMatic 3 Pro ESF system works well for both stable and dynamic groups and can be adapted to fit any space requirement. CallMatic 3 Pro can also work with either dry or liquid feed and offers several options to make management simpler, including sorting, color marking, and heat detection.

CallBack Pro

The CallBack Pro feeding system brings together free access stall environment and Electronic Sow Feeding technology. Using our 510 Pro controller, CallBack Pro stations are able to be managed from central controllers, making management very simple and protecting your equipment.

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