Delta Pipe & Twin Pipe

Ideally suited for diffuse fresh air systems

Delta and Twin pipes are especially well-suited for ceilings with spray-cooling channels and DiffAir ceilings. They have multiple applications in a pig house and can be used in combination with other heating systems to ensure consistent temperatures.

Important Advantages

  • Delta pipe: ideal for installation below the DiffAir ceiling
  • Twin pipe: can be installed below ceiling and in areas where extra heat is needed
  • Made of aluminum and are operated with a minimal amount of hot water
  • Great thermal conductivity (heat output of 180-200 watts/m)
  • Ensure constant room temperatures inside the house
  • Can be used to pre-heat the central aisle
  • Pipes have anodic coating for better protection against ammonia
  • Comparatively low in weight
  • Available in various sizes up to length of 6m
  • Easy to assemble


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