Fresh Air Inlets

For stable and high velocity ventilation

Big Dutchman fresh air inlet systems are designed for efficient and high velocity circulation and ventilation within pig houses.

Important Advantages

  • Very versatile and guarantee high velocity ventilation
  • Inlets can be opened individually, creating stable air jets, even with minimum ventilation
  • Insulated inlet flap seals the house airtight
  • Pulling mechanism allows exact control of the inlet opening
  • Exact control allows stable circulation, maintains an even temperature and creates low heating requirements
  • Made of high quality materials for a long service life
  • High pressure cleaners can be used without concern

CL 1200: Multi-purpose wall inlet

CL 1211 F: Flange inlet for sandwich panels

CL 1540: Multi-purpose ceiling inlet

Double LL: Two-way ceiling inlet


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Our experts have collaborated with climate technology specialists and other experienced experts to develop a fresh air filter called AirProTec, which reliably prevents PRRS viruses from entering pig houses through fresh air.

Perforated Air Channel

A universal method for supplying fresh air, perforated air channels are suitable for nearly every house type with an inserted ceiling below the attic.

DiffAir Ceiling

Diffuse air ceilings serve both as a diffuse air supply system and economical ceiling insulation, consisting of specially treated glass wool.

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