Gestation Housing

Due to the growing concern for animal welfare, legislation banning gestation stalls is being passed throughout the world. While conventional gestation stalls are still available, group housing of pregnant sows, or ‘pen gestation’, has become the growing trend for new barns and for renovation of existing barns. Big Dutchman offers several solutions for gestation housing that meet the newest requirements. Click to read more about each product below:

Pen Gestation

Pen gestation allows sows freedom to move, social interaction and increased comfort. With proper management, animal performance is increased. Records of sow farms who have made the transition to group housing document top reproductive performance and lower sow mortality rates because sows thrive in the group environment.

Free Access Stall

The free access stall developed by Big Dutchman provides animal friendly housing for the sows and optimal working conditions for the farm staff. It can be used in the breeding and gestation barns.

Quarter Stall

Quarter stalls are a simple and economic way to provide group housing and can be easily fit to your farm’s individual requirements.

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