Pig Production News & Events

  • EVERYTHING PIG: Big Dutchman Exhibits at World Pork Expo 2018

    Great turn-out, promising connections – and super team spirit Another year, another great week in Des Moines, Iowa at World Pork Expo, which is North America’s largest international exhibition for the pork industry. Big Dutchman presented their latest innovations in pig production equipment with one of the largest booths on site. An eye catching feature of the ...

  • Stalleinrichter-poultry-pig-equimpent-supplieres-Betcoby-Agricon-Big-Dutchman_72

    Big Dutchman Acquires Agricultural Building Business from Betco

    “An important step to further our strategy of becoming the most competitive supplier of turn-key solutions” The Big Dutchman group based in Vechta, Germany, announced today that it has acquired Qingdao Betco Asia Co., Ltd. (Betco Qingdao), which is the livestock building business of the North Carolina-based steel structure specialist Betco, Inc. with over 30 years ...

  • EuroTier 2016 | Big Dutchman Innovation for the Ad Libitum Feeding of Pigs

    WaveFeeder trough for foraging promotes typical drive to explore during feeding Foraging for feed is a natural behaviour for pigs. With the WaveFeeder, Big Dutchman has developed a trough for foraging that allows pigs to combine their feed intake with their natural drive to explore. The pig equipment supplier from Vechta will present this innovation for ...

  • EuroTier 2016 | Big Dutchman Innovation for Automated Heat Check

    EstrusControl: New tool reliably analyses the heat cycle of sows Checking gilts for heat is time-consuming and therefore often an issue on pig farms. In cooperation with the Institut für Tierzucht und Haustiergenetik (Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics) of Giessen University, Big Dutchman has developed a computer program that allows pig breeders for the first ...

  • EuroTier 2016 | Big Dutchman Presents a New Cleaning System for the Liquid Feeding of Pigs

    SonicClean: Ultrasonic waves against biofilm Hygienic supply of feed and water have a great influence on animal health and the economic success in pig production. On the occasion of EuroTier 2016, Big Dutchman presents SonicClean, a new product for the liquid feeding of pigs that uses ultrasonic waves instead of standard cleaning procedures such as rinsing ...