Stand-alone weighing computer

ComScale is a stand-alone bird weighing scale and computer that can either be installed as stationary unit in the service room or it can be used as a battery-powered mobile version. This system can be connected to Swing 20 (broiler weighing), Swing 70 (turkey weighing) as well as to Incas 2 poultry scales.

Important Advantages

  • Can either be installed as a stationary unit or used as a battery-powered mobile version
  • All recorded individual weights can be viewed at the computer itself or transferred to a PC
  • PC data can be viewed and analyzed in graphical and tabular format with respective software (optional)
  • Automatic comparison helps detect deviations
  • Automatically updates average weights
  • Available as GSM version which regularly transfers data to a PC or via text message to mobile phone
  • Records daily average weight, number of daily weighings, daily weight gain, standard deviation, and uniformity

Recording and Analysis with ViperTouch

All poultry scales offered by Big Dutchman can be connected to the climate and production computer ViperTouch. This computer records the required data concerning growth, feed and water consumption, mortality and climate. This puts the producer in a position to be able to quickly react to changing conditions and to take the required action. This in turn leads to better production results and increases the economic efficiency.


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Incas 2

Incas 2 poultry scale can be used for layers in floor production and in conventional cages as well as for pullets and layers in small aviary management.


FlexScale is a battery-powered, portable and very user-friendly bird weighing scale and computer which automatically records manual weight recordings.


With an easy-to-read graphic display and functions right at your fingertips, the ViperTouch makes controlling your poultry house simple.

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