Fresh Air Inlets

For installation into the wall or ceiling

Wall and ceiling inlets are well-suited for noncentralized fresh air supply in broiler, broiler breeder and turkey houses. Whether the inlet is to be embedded in a wall, used as a flange inlet for walls made of sandwich panels or installed in the ceiling, Big Dutchman can offer the best solution for every application. For both high and low outside temperatures, the goal is to create stable and circulating air flow so temperature conditions are the same for all birds in the barn.

Important Advantages

  • Very versatile and guarantee an optimum, non-centralized fresh air supply for negative pressure ventilation
  • Inlets can be opened individually, creating stable air jets, even with minimum ventilation
  • Insulated inlet flap seals the house airtight
  • Pulling mechanism allows exact control of the inlet opening
  • Exact control allows stable circulation, maintains an even temperature and creates low heating requirements
  • Made of high quality materials for a long service life
  • High pressure cleaners can be used without concern

Options Available

CL 1911: Flange wall inlet for sandwich panels with high air rate

CL 1200: Multi-purpose wall inlet

CL 2400: Wall inlet available in a variety of sizes, can be utilized for different structural requirements and air rates

CL 1540: Multi-purpose ceiling air inlet


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