Swing 20

Poultry scale for broilers and broiler breeder production

Swing 20 is a poultry scale designed for broilers and broiler breeders, and can be used for weights up to 20 kg. It consists of a laminated, waterproof weighing platform and the load cell. Using this scale in your house will help lead to precise weighing and assist you in better production.

Important Advantages

  • Height can be adjusted easily based on age of the birds
  • Scale is well accepted by the birds
  • An abundant number of weight recordings can be gathered, allowing for precise determination of average bird weight of the flock
  • Weighing electronics are located in an area protected from dirt
  • Scale can be easily taken down for cleaning

Recording and Analysis with ViperTouch

All poultry scales offered by Big Dutchman can be connected to the climate and production computer ViperTouch. This computer records the required data concerning growth, feed and water consumption, mortality and climate. This puts the producer in a position to be able to quickly react to changing conditions and to take the required action. This in turn leads to better production results and increases the economic efficiency.


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Let a Local Distributor Advise You

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