A complete poultry temperature and production control for poultry growers and breeders

ViperTouch controls and manages all functions of your broiler, broiler breeder or turkey production such as ventilation, feeding, watering, lighting, egg counting, all weighing and even visual controls. It provides you with the best possible overview, as well as convenient poultry temperature control and production management. It has a simple operation via touch screen, bringing climate and production control right to your fingertips.

Important Advantages

  • Ideal climate and production computer for broilers, broiler breeders, turkeys and ducks
  • Simple operation via 7-inch or 10-inch touch screen
  • Choose between 3 climate control modes from simple ‘Basic’ mode to the most advanced ‘Profi’ mode (depending on individual preferences)
  • Modular hardware easily allows for new functions
  • Password protection on 3 different levels
  • Speaks 32 languages – including yours
  • Customize your home screen
  • Save data and settings
  • Simple alarm management
  • Compatible with BigFarmNet; PC, mobile and web access

Functions for Climate Control

  • Control any type of ventilation strategy – natural, mechanical or combination, including side, cross, tunnel and CombiTunnel ventilation
  • Climate controls include fresh and exhaust air, heating, heat exchanger, cooling, emergency opening and alarms
  • Connect 8 temperature sensors
  • Use sensors for relative humidity, NHand CO2, negative pressure and weather station (local weather conditions)
  • Control separate barn zones individually
  • Multiple ventilation strategies and modes to choose from
  • Control pad cooling and foggers, humidification, heat exchanger …. Negative pressure
  • Temperature-controlled emergency opening function
  • Display trend curves

Functions for Production Control

  • Feed consumption, feeding programs, bin weighing
  • Water meter
  • Light control, light intensity
  • Bird weighing
  • Bird management, such as mortality

If you use ViperTouch controllers to manage your climate or production, you can incorporate BigFarmNet farm management software onto your controllers. BigFarmNet connects all of your equipment and data together in a central place, making farm management simple and easy. It allows you to control your production from in the barn, on your office PC, or from a mobile device or tablet.


View and download the latest ViperTouch and CombiTunnel ventilation product brochures.

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Let a Local Distributor Advise You

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