Broiler feeding pan that brings light where it matters most

The next bright idea is here. As farm managers look for better ways to add light to their barns, Big Dutchman’s FLUXX FX2 GLO broiler feed pan offers a good solution for dimmable house lighting. The FX2 GLO follows the performance proven design of the FLUXX FX2 feed pan. It has an integrated LED light inside of the inner cylinder. Light placement inside the center column of the pan attracts the birds quickly to the feed so young birds have the best potential for a good and healthy start.

Important Advantages

  • Attracts day old chicks to feed pans for brooding
  • Creates feed stations, encouraging birds to eat straight into the pan
  • Illuminates feed and water lines while providing darker areas for comfort and security
  • Individual replaceable bulbs


View and download the latest FLUXX FX2 GLO product brochure and other broiler management resources.

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