UniGROW 360 Broiler

Start poults quickly and move them out sooner

UniGROW 360 pans flood in a full 360° circumference, and feed flows easily without bridging, so all birds can easily access feed. Every pan can be adjusted from a full-flood position to a height you determine—or anywhere in between—in minutes, saving significant time and labor when compared to hand-adjustments. Multiple minimum feed settings allow you to set the pan for your particular feed. The patented drop feed spreader disperses feed evenly 360°. Fine and course feed is evenly distributed throughout the pan, ensuring proper nutrition and preventing wasted build-up.

Important Advantages

  • The durable top cap snaps onto the pan assembly for easy installation and maintenance
  • Unique three-strut grille makes it easier for small birds to get to the feed without being trapped
  • Feed collar is raised or lowered with the winch system and keeps birds from slinging feed
  • Integral anti-scratch ring prevents feed from being scratched from the pan
  • Multiple minimum feed level settings allow you to custom-set pans
  • Unique shut-off feature allows you to shut off feed flow to individual pans
  • Pan disperses feed in a 360° circumference, preventing staleness and waste of feed
  • Easy to thoroughly wash down