Enhanced Welfare Products

For sows, piglets, and finishing pigs

Modern pig production must be economically viable but also needs to take into account consumer demands for animal-friendly production systems. Big Dutchman strives to keep abreast of new trends and to develop products which enhance production systems whilst at the same time satisfying customer preferences.

Rally Rooter

Rally Rooter

Enrichment for pigs and sows in pen gestation

The Rally Rooter or “Düsser Wühlturm” (as it was called by its German engineers) is an enrichment device for pigs of all ages that can be placed inside large pens of finishers or sows. The animals are able to rally around and play with the loosely supported tube so as to root out forage particles placed inside the tube container. This enables them to carry out natural behavior.

Benefits of the Rally Rooter include:

  • Provides continuous enrichment to occupy bored pigs
  • Allows animals to simulate natural behavior and satisfy their drive to root
  • Adds nutritional fiber to sow diet

Enhanced welfare toys

Enrichment Toys

To enhance pig welfare, for pigs of all ages

Pigs are intelligent and therefore need to be occupied! Sows kept in groups, piglets in the nursery barn, and pigs during the finishing stages have to drink, feed and rest – but they also need to be occupied and can find diversion in toys. In order to satisfy this need, Big Dutchman offers a wide variety of enrichment toys. These include playing chains with a range of chewable attachments and access to organic material which can be chewed and rooted.