Sow Housing

Farrowing Pens

The BD-SWING was created with careful consideration for each piece of the farrowing process. Our specially designed crate can be installed in several positions, allowing for easy retrofitting of an existing space. More room for scampering piglets increases livability and comfort.

Breeding Barn

The BD-Flex breeding stall is where the production of healthy piglets begins. The Big Dutchman BDFlex breeding stall allows you to easily access individual sows while keeping them safe from the aggressive behaviors of others.

Gestation Barn

Electronic Sow Feeding is used for sows kept in pen gestation. Electronic sow feeders provide all the benefits of being able to manage your sow’s feed intake individually, while giving the sows freedom to move and the comfort of living in a group environment.

The free-access stall developed by Big Dutchman provides animal friendly housing for the sows and optimal working conditions for the farm staff. It can be used in the breeding and gestation barns.


Big Dutchman’s plastic flooring systems always meet our customers’ high demands for hygienic, productivity-enhancing and animal-friendly housing of sows and piglets. But sows and piglets have different requirements regarding thermal conduction and heat storage.

Enhanced Welfare Products

The Rally Rooter or “Düsser Wühlturm” (as it was called by its German engineers) is an enrichment device for pigs of all ages that can be placed inside large pens of finishers or sows. The animals are able to rally around and play with the loosely supported tube so as to root out forage particles placed inside the tube container.

Pigs need to be occupied! Sows kept in groups, piglets in the rearing house, and pigs during the finishing stages have to drink, feed and rest – but they also need to be occupied and can find diversion in toys.