NATURA® Nova Barn

Multi-tier open access true aviary system

The NATURA Nova Barn is a multi-tiered true aviary system that is fully open. This aviary expands on already proven systems available in our NATURA product family and offers higher stocking density as an added benefit, helping you optimize the space in your barn. With this system you get true cage-free production, meaning this true aviary system:

  • Features a true nest area, which creates an environment where the hens want to be – thus producing the best possible nest acceptance
  • Includes dedicated areas for resting, feeding and perching
  • Is open in design, allowing hens to move through and easily utilize all areas of the system – including having complete floor access to exhibit natural foraging and scratching activity

Important Advantages

  • Stepped design for easy movement between the functional areas for resting, eating, drinking and nesting
  • Elevated walkway in the system offers easy inspection of the tiers
  • Drinker lines are positioned to draw birds to the nests
  • All feed troughs are reachable from the wire mesh floors
  • Large nest area with tilting floor design keeps the nest clean throughout the flock cycle
  • The hens can easily reach the nest, increasing nest acceptance
  • Egg belts can be serviced from the outside aisle
  • Floors can be configured for manual or automated system egg collection
  • Optional air duct is placed in the middle of each tier for even manure belt ventilation
  • 100% of the house’s floor is scratching area, providing more room for the hens to exhibit natural behaviors
  • Available as a multi-level system with integrated intermediate floor, plastic or plywood
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Perches and Placement

To encourage flock movement

There’s science in perch design and placement. Perches allow your flock to have a place to relax and the design provides comfort. The perch placement encourages flock movement, which relaxes the flock, and at the same time maximizes proper air circulation, resulting in a healthy and comfortable environment. The patented approach perch is designed to protect any mislaid eggs. It also positions the hens to face outside of the system while roosting, allowing the manure to fall onto the manure belt, resulting in lower ammonia levels and a cleaner system.

Nest Design

True aviary tilting nest floor

The egg belt is located in the center to allow the eggs be laid directly in front of the belt. This design ensures the shortest possible roll-off distance for the eggs, minimizing the amount of cracked and checked eggs.

Before the divided nest floor completely closes the nest, it is first raised in the center, increasing the inclination of the rear part of the nest floor and removing any eggs from the nest area.

The nest floor is raised completely, allowing any dirt to drop off the nest insert as well as closing off the nest to prevent hens from entering and brooding inside.

Litter Properly Dried

For a healthy and calm flock

Uniformity of lighting and ventilation, along with system design, result in even spacing of the hens throughout the house, resulting in properly dried litter. This is ideal for the flock as they dust bathe, scratch, and act out other natural behaviors. The hens will pay more attention to the litter and less to each other, resulting in a calm and healthy flock. Proper manure drying reduces ammonia emissions in the house, minimizing any harm to the environment, and promoting the birds’ well-being. Manure drops through the Zn Alu coated floor onto continuous polypropylene belts, and is then carried out of the building.

System Inspection and Management

Management made easy

With our NATURA cage-free systems, flock inspection, gathering mislaid eggs, nest, feed and water inspection can all be done by walking the litter aisles.


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