Integrated nest scales for colony and single hole nests

NESCA is a poultry scale that can be used with any one of our broiler breeder nests. The scale is integrated and automatically determines the weight of hens visiting the nest to lay their eggs. NESCA records a large range of weights of a flock of hens without requiring any additional work by the staff. The scale consists of a bottom wire mesh which rests on four load cells, which transmit their results to the production computer via a weighing module.

Important Advantages

  • Automated and reliable weighing of every bird
  • For group and single hole nest design
  • Able to compare breeder growth curves with live birds, in real time
  • Quickly react and fix negative weight trends
  • Timed weighing to weigh birds on empty stomach
  • Automatic distinction between males and females
  • Reduced labor as manual weighing can be reduced
  • Rugged design is waterproof / washdown rated IP67

Recording and Analysis with ViperTouch

All poultry scales offered by Big Dutchman can be connected to the climate and production computer ViperTouch. This computer records the required data concerning growth, feed and water consumption, mortality and climate. This puts the producer in a position to be able to quickly react to changing conditions and to take the required action. This in turn leads to better production results and increases the economic efficiency.

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