Three-tier rearing aviary

For rearing of pullets, Big Dutchman offers you the three tier NATURA Primus aviary system. This system offers you the best possible pre-requisites for a smooth transition of the pullets from the rearing to the laying aviary. Uniform and healthy pullets and a good start into the laying phase are the main goal that we want to help you achieve.

Important Advantages

  • Aviary training from the first day allows birds to easily adapt to the laying aviary at a later date
  • Layout of the feed, water and perch all promote bird movement
  • Birds are trained to move up and down in the system, which builds muscles and good bone density
  • Easy to maintain an even temperature level
  • Optimal climate conditions for a uniform distribution of the chicks
  • Simple to use, easy to maintain and virtually trouble-free bird control
  • Multi-tier system promotes bird movement vertically within the system
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Placing the Birds: Introducing the Flock Into the System

When you first place your flock into the system, they are placed in the middle tier. This allows the farm manager to manage and inspect the flock easily.

Lighting: Selection and Placement for a Great Start

The lighting and placement of lighting is crucial for your flock to have a great start. Our lighting placement allows your flock to easily find fresh feed and water. Additionally, strategic lighting placement encourages flock movement throughout the system and house.

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Feed and Water: Fresh for the Entire Flock

Fresh water is easily available to the flock, and as the flock grows, the adjustable watering line is raised. An even distribution of feed fulfills your flock’s need for feed, and there is ample space for your flock to feed and drink to promote a uniform flock.

Calm and Healthy Flock: Prepared for Maximum Laying Productivity

Maximum laying performance begins in the rearing phase. The NATURA system provides the ideal environment for a calm and healthy flock which will be ready for the layer house. Adjustable perches allow your flock to perch, which has proven to reduce bird stress, resulting in a calm flock. Bridges and ramps help your hens to gain easy access to the different tiers of the system, and build muscle strength and good bone density in your birds, which is crucial for birds before they are moved into the layer house.

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Re-entering the System: Quality Litter and Easy Management

The entire flock re-enters the system at night without any human intervention, which makes for a flock that’s easy to manage. With the flock inside the system at night, proper air flow is achieved, resulting in properly dried litter in the aisles.