Housing Systems

Cage Free Aviary Systems

NATURA Filia is a two-level rearing aviary developed by Big Dutchman to meet the requirements of day-old chicks and pullets in an optimal way.

For rearing of pullets, Big Dutchman offers you the three tier NATURA-Primus aviary system. This system offers you the best possible pre-requisites for a smooth transition of the pullets from the rearing to the laying aviary. Uniform and healthy pullets and a good start into the laying phase are the main goal that we want to help you achieve.

The NATURA 60 is a multi-tier system featuring doors which allow birds in and out of the system through defined locations in the system and at selected times, and are very popular for their excellent egg production figures and ease of management.

The name NATURA Step comes from the unique steps which are designed to allow easy movement from one tier to another. A multi-tiered system which is fully open, the NATURA Step provides full freedom to the bird to move in and out of the equipment at all times.

Special characteristics of the NATURA Sunrise are its central egg belt and the divided tilting nest floor. Before the the NATURA Sunrise nest is closed at night, all eggs can roll off backwards onto the egg belt. This prevents eggs from remaining in the nest, locks out hens trying to sleep in the nest and thus soiling it, or brooding inside. Moreover, the daily dust drops off the nest insert resulting in good nest hygiene.

The VillaFlex is a hybrid multi-tier aviary. This category of equipment is an evolution of the fully enriched system.

The Colony2+ is a completely open single tier aviary design. The name Colony2+ comes from the nest design, which is the most innovative in the industry, with a patented tilting nest floor. This nest design increases nest acceptance, improves the number of quality eggs, and promotes a cleaner nest.

Colony Systems

The AVECH II & III Enrichable system starts out as an Enrichable design, and provides you the flexibility and assurance in knowing you can convert to a completely Enriched system in an affordable and efficient manner at a later date.

With the AVECH-2240 , Big Dutchman offers you a new system for efficient, animal friendly and safe egg production. Its main advantages are the high functionality and profitability, excellent hygienic conditions and comfort of use. The system depth of 7’4″ (2.24m) in the animal area including center partition allows for a group size of 54 hens.

Conventional Cage Systems

The UniVENT Starter is the ideal system to get your flock ready to be moved into an adult layer system. To meet varied requirements of all our customers in an ideal way, we offer UniVENT Starter with or without ventilation. To satisfy the different needs of day olds and pullets, our rearing battery cages consist of two different areas, the start tier and the grow tier.

The Big Dutchman UniVENT Layer Cage System provides an ideal environment for bird comfort and maximum egg production. UniVENT cages provide, a superior feeding system, efficient, automated manure removal, a cleaner house environment.

The Big Dutchman UniVENT 788 Cage System combines the cost effective and airy format of the original UniVENT system while allowing for a higher bird capacity per running length.

Super Double Deck and Super Triple Deck are laying batteries with two or three tiers, developed by Big Dutchman and characterized by a long service life, high functionality and perfect conditions for humans and birds.

The Profit-Tier Plus Layer Cage System incorporates Big Dutchman’s proven truss-rod suspension and extremely stable, durable A-frame construction.