EasySlider Pro

Individual feeding in the farrowing pen

The EasySlider Pro is a computer-controlled feeding system for sows in farrowing pens. It is mounted underneath the volume dispenser and allows the sow to choose when to eat. The sow only has to nudge a pendulum inside the feed pipe and a serving is dispensed. After a time, she can request her next portion and it will be dispensed.

Important Advantages

  • Fewer Feed Losses – individual feeding results in virtually no old feed remaining in the trough
  • Improved Hygiene – the feed in the trough is always fresh!
  • Less Stress for Sows and Piglets – whisper-quiet operation keeps from disturbing other barn inhabitants
  • Increased Livability in Piglets – removing a universal feed time eliminates the excitement and bedlam that occurs among sows at “meal time”, improving piglet safety
  • Health Monitoring – the requested feed quantity per sow per day can be set and checked using BigFarmNet, providing an excellent overview of each sow’s intake and eating behavior
  • Improved Sow Condition – allowing the sow to eat as she is hungry provides better nutrition for a nursing sow, leading to improved body condition
  • Low Maintenance – dispensing unit can be removed and the feed pipe is open at the upper end requiring low maintenance
  • Total Control – the entire system is controlled by BigFarmNet
  • High Return on Investment

BigFarmNet Control

With the BigFarmNet control system, an individual feed curve can be set for each sow, with the sows eating up to five times per day. Meals are distributed throughout the day rather than at predetermined feeding times. This has a positive effect on the digestion, lactation, and body condition of each sow. Piglets are also safer, as there is no immediate scramble for sows to reach their food, like with traditional feeding times.

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