Breeding stall with easy access gate

The BDFlex breeding stall is where the production of healthy piglets begins. The Big Dutchman BDFlex breeding stall allows you to easily access individual sows while keeping them safe from the aggressive behaviors of others. Our breeding pen allows you to comfortably monitor, control and feed your sows while they await insemination. Let our experts advise you on optimal products for the housing and feeding of sows for successful piglet production.

Important Advantages

  • Step-through back gate allows easy access to the sow
  • Easy to open front and back gates with non-removable
    locking rods to prevent loss
  • Stainless steel feet for longevity
  • Vertical bars in front, horizontal bars in the back
    facilitate stability and control
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Free Access Stall

The free access stall developed by Big Dutchman provides animal friendly housing for the sows and optimal working conditions for the farm staff. It can be used in the breeding and gestation barns.


Wherever dry feed has to be conveyed or distributed on a pig farm, be it mash, crumbles or pellets, Big Dutchman’s DryRapid is the ideal feed transport system from the silo discharge all the way to the feeding system.

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Let a Local Distributor Advise You

Big Dutchman has a trusted network of pig distributors who are ready to work with you on your project. To get started, locate a distributor near you.