Mobile camera scanner for collecting pig weights

OptiScan is a portable digital camera used to determine pig weights on the spot anywhere and anytime, eliminating the need to sort and herd pigs onto a scale. With a push of a button, the handheld camera records top view images of pigs and displays them on a connected tablet along with the corresponding animal weight. The process is fast, easy and cost-effective. OptiScan is a great tool that replaces time consuming direct pig weighing and often inaccurate human observation methods.

Important Advantages

  • Determines the weight of your pigs between 110 lbs and 275 lbs: objective, fast and accurate
  • Use narrow time slots defined by the slaughterhouse to your advantage
  • No need to move pigs before they are delivered because you determine their weight in the pen
  • Perfect slaughter weights will pay off financially
  • Weight checks during the batch provide important information for feed
  • Staff can handle OptiScan securely after a brief training period
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