BD PelletTower

Pelletizing dried poultry manure for large farm complexes

With the BD PelletTower, Big Dutchman has developed an innovative solution for farm complexes that house 300,000 layers or more. The BD PelletTower is available in three sizes and does not require much space. The distance between the pellet mill and the bagging unit is very short. This ensures high quality pellets and keeps breaking to a minimum.

Important Advantages

  • Ideal quality of pellets that do not easily break
  • Pellets are 0.2″ in diameter and 0.8″ to 1.2″ in length
  • Uses modern measuring and process technology for high pellet quality
  • Simple control and monitoring via touchscreen
  • Ideal for transport and storage
  • Pellets can be used for simple and accurate spreading of fertilizer
  • Very versatile marketing possibilities, ie. in horticulture and viticulture
  • Can pelletize other residues from agriculture, such as digestate and litter