BD PelletBox 750

The complete pelletizing system for dried poultry manure that comes ready to be connected

Pelletizing dry poultry manure and litter from poultry houses is smart residue treatment. Why?

  • Because pellets are easier to store and to transport
  • Because the volume of loose material is reduced by approximately two thirds
  • And because marketing possibilities are much more broad

With BD PelletBox 750, Big Dutchman presents a system that is ideal for farms or farm complexes from 50,000 to 200,000 birds. The most clever aspect of this system: it is supplied in a container, ready to be connected. This makes it very easy to move the system to different places.

Important Advantages

  • High pellet quality and virtually no breaking thanks to a standard pellet diameter of 5mm and lengths between 20mm and 30mm
  • Uses modern measuring and process technology for a permanently high pellet quality
  • Good visualization, automatic control and monitoring via touch screen
  • Ideal for transport and storage
  • Versatile marketing possibilities, i.e. in horticulture and viticulture
  • Manure pellets can be sold or used for high-quality fertilizer
  • Could be used to pelletize other residues from agriculture, such as digestate and litter


View and download the latest BD PelletBox 750 product brochure.

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