Fast and fully automatic composting system

CompoLiner is an innovative composting system newly developed by Big Dutchman with the following benefits:

  • Easy handling
  • Guided, fully automatic process control
  • Easy adaptability to the amount of material to be composted
  • Quick and easy installation

During the composting process, microorganisms degrade organic material such as dry poultry excrement, broiler manure or separated slurry in an aerobic environment. The dry matter content should be at least 30 percent. The final product is compost: a valuable, organic fertilizer that has good plant
availability and that can be used for general soil improvement in horticulture and agriculture. It can also be pelletized.

Important Advantages

  • Modular design: the basic version consists of two 40-foot containers that also serve as end sets
  • Up to six additional 40-foot containers can be installed between the end sets for a total capacity between 80 and 360 m³ and approx. 50,000 up to 200,000 layers
  • A control cabinet in the rear end set controls the system
  • Good resistance to corrosion because the entire system’s interior is lined with stainless steel
  • Emissions are extracted centrally, use of an exhaust air cleaner is recommended

Emission Reduction

Since emissions (dust, ammonia, odor) are normal by-products of the composting process, the use of an exhaust air cleaner is recommended in certain locations.

The chemical exhaust air cleaner developed specifically for CompoLiner is ready to be connected, keeping installation requirements to an absolute minimum. The cleaner is supplied in a 40-foot high-cube container or mounted on a truck. All required technology is already installed in this container; even the acid container can be stored there.

manure composting system

Advantages of the exhaust air cleaner

  • High cleaning performance: more than 90% of ammonia and more than 70% of dust
  • Complete system that is ready to be connected: low installation requirements and costs
  • Fully automatic process control
  • Delivery in a 40-foot container
  • Individual placement: connection through a duct of the correct size
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