Hybrid multi-tier aviary

The VillaFLEX is a hybrid multi-tier aviary, which is also referred to as a “combi” design. This category of equipment is an evolution of the fully enriched system, offering the flexibility of being able to operate also as cages with modifications. The system is available in 2 or 3 tiers with usable space under the system.  Multi-story designs up to four levels with intermediate floors are also available.

Important Advantages

  • Extra wide egg belts (10″) on all all tiers provide adequate space for varying egg distribution
  • Easy access system doors and hinged egg belt covers for easy inspection and access to egg tray
  • Fresh feed and water located on each tier
  • Perches inside and outside of the system
  • Patented approach perch
  • Dedicated center nests on all tiers for safe and secure egg laying areas
  • 2 or 3 tier elevated (per level)
  • With or without air
  • 28mm drinker lines
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