UniVENT Starter

The best start for your flock

The UniVENT Starter is the ideal system to get your flock ready to be moved into an adult layer system. It has a long history for long lasting quality, and excellent rearing results. To meet varied requirements of all our customers in an ideal way, we offer UniVENT Starter with or without ventilation. To satisfy the different needs of day olds and pullets, our rearing battery cages consist of two different areas, the start tier and the grow tier. Because the quality and uniformity of your flock influences their laying performance when they reach laying age, the UniVENT Starter is designed to promote the best methods for raising your flock.

Important Advantages

  • Uniform feed supply and rapid distribution
  • Adjustable feed gate and watering lines
  • Feed troughs are mounted on supports for stability and positioned to keep feed clean, inner rim provides minimal feed losses
  • Fresh and sufficient drinking water
  • Galfan wire to promote a clean and healthy system
  • Easy and efficient operation
  • Promotes reduction of ammonia
  • Simple assembly of 3 to 8 tiers
  • Upper walkway for batteries with more than 5 tiers results in easy bird control
  • Better thermal economy (reduced heating expenses and reduced investment costs per bird) is achieved with systems of 4 or more tiers due to increased density
  • Remarkably low bird mortality during rearing