UniVENT 788 Layer

Layer management system

The Big Dutchman UniVENT 788 Cage System combines the cost effective and airy format of the original UniVENT system while allowing for a higher bird capacity per running length. The UniVENT system provides an ideal environment for bird comfort and maximum egg production. UniVENT Layer cages provide a superior feeding system, efficient and automated manure removal and a cleaner house environment.

UniVENT 788 cages are easy to assemble and can be stacked in three to eight tier configurations. The UniVENT Layer system with air duct helps reduce ammonia levels. UniVENT Layer air duct ventilates manure quickly and effectively, providing up to 60% dry matter (or 40% moisture) with low energy costs. Automated manure removal breaks the fly reproductive cycle and removes the source of ammonia from the building.

In colder climates, incoming air is pre-heated using an air mixer or heat exchanger, maintaining the appropriate temperature and air quality. Even during extremely high temperatures, each hen is provided with sufficient oxygen to ensure optimum hen performance, year-round.

Important Advantages

  • Zn-Alu wire provides high corosion resistance and a long lasting cage
  • Sliding doors open over the entire cage front making it easy to move birds in and out
  • Flat egg protector as foot-rail encourages egg-laying at the trough
  • Shorter rolling-off distances result in hardly any cracked eggs
  • Deep feed trough with inner rim for minimum feed loss
  • Trough-shaped manure belt prevents manure from dropping into the system for a clean manure removal
  • Cage bottom is supported by heavy rods, improving egg quality (test data available)
  • Air duct for fresh air supply and optional manure drying
  • Drinking nipple with V-channel allows each hen to easily reach two nipples

Champion Chain Feeding

Big Dutchman’s Champion Chain Feeding System is the most reliable and cost effective feeding system in the world. The Champion Chain presents feed at pre-set levels and allows birds easy access to feed.

colony housing

EggCellent Egg Collection

Big Dutchman’s EggCellent egg collector uses an innovative design to provide high volume egg collection with less adjustments and maintenance and still providing protection for the egg, minimizing cracks and checks.


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