Two-tier open access aviary layer system

The newest addition to Big Dutchman’s line-up of cage-free true aviaries, the NATURA Visio is a two-tier aviary system that we are excited to introduce into the market. Featuring patent-pending designs that will increase overall egg quality and performance, the system has a low profile which makes it easy to retrofit and meet ventilation requirements. Nests, feed, and water are available on both levels and the system can be used in a multi-level structure.

With this system you get true cage-free production, meaning this true aviary system:

  • Features a true nest area, which creates an environment where the hens want to be – thus producing the best possible nest acceptance
  • Includes dedicated areas for resting, feeding and perching
  • Is open in design and incorporates the proven “step” concept, allowing hens to move through and easily utilize all areas of the system – including having complete floor access to exhibit natural foraging and scratching activity

Important Advantages

  • “Visio twin belt” allows for high visibility of the eggs on both tiers
  • All eggs are automatically collected by one egg collection elevator
  • All system-laid eggs roll onto an egg belt without passing through a nest
  • Raised nest entrance increases the attractiveness of the nest
  • Tilting floor true nest design keeps the nest clean throughout the flock cycle
  • Nests can be accessed from both sides of the system
  • Ramps can be placed inside the system for easy access
  • Flock inspection is possible without climbing onto the system
  • Lower overall height of the system creates the opportunity for use in lower-height houses
  • Available as a multi-level system with integrated intermediate floors, plastic or plywood

Nest Placement and Egg Belts

Designed to increase overall egg quality and performance

Nests are located on both levels of the system. The unique “Visio twin belt” on each level allow all eggs to be automatically collected by one egg collection elevator. In addition, the raised nest entrance increases the attractiveness of the nest.

  • Nests alternate but are aligned, creating more space in front of the nests
  • System eggs do not roll through the nest, but roll directly onto the egg belt beneath the nest
  • Smaller egg belt covers reduce surface area for litter build up
  • Hens don’t need to step above a belt cover to come into the nest
  • Egg belts are highly visible
  • Each egg belt is 200mm wide, providing a total of 400mm wide capacity per tier
  • Option for either woven or perforated plastic egg belts

System Management

Designed with the producer and their farm staff in mind

With our NATURA® cage-free systems, flock inspection, nest, feed, and water inspection can all be done by walking the litter aisles. The NATURA® Visio system has a low overall height, allowing farm staff to look into the system on both levels easily. This makes checking for mortality and seeing how things are operating go quickly.

Optional Additional Feed Loop, Drinkers & Ramps

Customized to the needs of the producer

The system can be customized to the needs of the producer with the option to add an additional feed loop, drinkers, or ramps. If choosing ramps, they can be directly integrated into the existing system footprint on both levels, and assist the birds in moving easily from level to level. The placement of the ramps allows for aisle width to remain the same whether ramps are utilized or not.

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Managing aviary systems can seem overwhelming for producers. Our Aviary Specialists are here to help. Click the link below to find their contact information and feel free to reach out to them at any time to get your questions answered.

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