Pick Puck

Beak trimming made easy

The Pick Puck feeder is both an enrichment device and also provides benefits to the farmer. It is designed to occupy hens and allow them to act out their natural behavior to search for feed.

The system is available in automatic or manual options. In the automatic version, a swinging plate with a coarse surface is suspended below a drop pipe which contains feed. When a hen picks onto the plate or nudges it from the side, this movement dispenses a small amount of feed that hens can peck. The manual version is available for those who would like to dispense feed at a time of their choosing. Not only does this device provide enrichment for the hens, but it creates a natural way for their beaks to be trimmed.

The Pick Puck can be installed in the litter aisles of aviaries, its height can be adjusted and the amount of feed that is dispensed can be controlled and regulated at the hopper. Any type of conveying system can fill Pick Puck automatically. The system can also be taken down easily for cleaning purposes.

Important Advantages

  • Keeps birds occupied
  • Supports the natural wearing of the beak
  • Promotes natural behaviors, like scratching
  • Easy to install
  • Automatic or manual options
  • Good return on investment
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