Large capacity collection system – suitable for large farms

Designed by Big Dutchman – and patent pending, the EggCellent Egg Elevator allows for high volume egg collection and minimal need for adjustments and maintenance. From the longitudinal belt, the eggs are passed onto a short rod conveyor section which then transfers eggs safely onto the entire width of the elevator chain. Deflectors ensure a good distribution of eggs onto the elevator. The innovative and safe transfer of eggs from the elevator to the cross belt is patent pending.

Important Advantages

  • Large collection capacity: up to 19,000 eggs/hour per elevator
  • Simultaneous collection of up to 8 tiers
  • Up to 12 tiers / 3 stories
  • For all cage types and long rows
  • The rod conveyors that pass the eggs safely onto the elevator also serve to clean the eggs and remove dirt before it reaches the elevator
  • All cage rows stay accessible as no cross collection is required
  • Simple assembly and adjustment
  • Minimal maintenance


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