Cage-Free Aviary Systems

For healthy birds, and healthier profits, trust the name farmers have relied on for decades. Our cage-free rearing and layer systems provide the optimal conditions for your birds to have a healthy start, and maximum laying productivity.

Cage-Free Management Reports:

Cage-Free Rearing

Our cage-free rearing systems offer the best possible environment to raise your flock, and to train them for a smooth transition to the layer environment.

NATURA Filia – (Rearing)

Two tier cage-free rearing system

NATURA Primus – (Rearing)

Three tier cage-free rearing system

Cage-Free Layers

NATURA 60 & 70 – Multi-tier Select Access

This multitier system features doors which allow birds in and out of the system through defined locations in the system and at selected times, and are very popular for their excellent egg production figures and ease of management.

NATURA Step – Multi-tier Open Access

The NATURA Step is a completely open multi-tiered system, giving full freedom to the bird to move in and out of the equipment at all times. The name NATURA Step comes from the unique steps which are designed to allow easy movement from one tier to another.

NATURA Sunrise – Multi-tier Open Access

The NATURA Sunrise shares the same open environment design, and the same innovative nest as the COLONY2+. The NATURA Sunrise is a self-supported system which also has manure belts to remove the manure automatically.

VillaFLEX – Hybrid Multi-tier Aviary

The VillaFlex offers the flexibility of being able to operate as a cage, and with slight modifications, convert to a cage-free system.

COLONY2+ – Single-tier Open Access

The COLONY2+ system consists of one row of nests in the center of the house, slats on either side, and feeders and drinkers. It is best suitable for smaller flocks, popular among some organic egg producers. The COLONY2+ nest with our patented tilting nest floor and central egg belt provides optimal egg quality.