Accessory Components

Chain Feeding

Big Dutchman’s Champion Chain offers flexibility, dependability, improved feed conversion and increased production.

Pick Puck Feeder

Enrich and naturally wear down beaks with Big Dutchman’s Pick Puck, which occupies hens and allows birds to act out their natural behavior of searching for feed.

Feed Cart

Deliver food with the Big Dutchman Feed Cart – with quiet and smooth operation, accurate feed distribution, and only one drive per row for up to six systems.

Bird Weighing

Incas 2 is a poultry scale to be used for layers in floor production and in conventional cages as well as for pullets and layers in small aviary management.

Egg Collection

We offer the EggCellent egg conveyor for high volume egg collection and Elevator ST for short systems

The lift collection system is an economic solution for small units or individual houses as well as for multi-level nests.

MultiTier is well suited for large units because it collects the eggs from all rows and all tiers simultaneously. Transport of eggs is gentle, since there is only one transfer from the longitudinal belt to the cross collection

Big Dutchman offers collection in the form of conveyors and manual collector tables for collection in floor systems.