UniGROW 360 Turkey

Start poults quickly and move them out sooner

The innovative, patented Big Dutchman UniGROW 360 starter feed pan for turkeys provides quick starts, the ability to move birds out at an earlier age, more feed in the pan without waste and easy access to feed. UniGROW 360 pans flood in a full 360° circumference, and feed flows easily without bridging, so all birds can easily access feed.

Important Advantages

  • The durable top cap snaps onto the pan assembly for easy installation and maintenance
  • Unique three-strut grille makes it easier for small birds to get to the feed without being trapped
  • Feed collar is raised or lowered with the winch system and keeps birds from slinging feed
  • Integral anti-scratch ring prevents feed from being scratched from the pan
  • Multiple minimum feed level settings allow you to custom-set pans
  • Unique shut-off feature allows you to shut off feed flow to individual pans
  • Pan disperses feed in a 360° circumference, preventing staleness and waste of feed
  • Easy to thoroughly wash down