The 'tough as nails' adult turkey feeding pan

The Gladiator adult turkey feeding pan is engineered to stand up against the daily rigors of feeding the most aggressive and heavy turkeys. From flock to flock, the Gladiator pan is made to take a beating, and designed for ease of maintenance and adaptability.

Important Advantages

  • Snap on cap provides easy assembly and maintenance
  • Pans can be quickly removed individually for maintenance
  • Swinging pan design minimizes bruising while maximizing meat quality
  • Snap’n lock mechanism locks the dish securely to the grill to eliminate dish drop
  • Dish unlocks and is removed for easy and thorough cleaning between flocks
  • Feed savings lip design reduces feed waste, resulting in better feed conversions
  • Feed levels can be easily adjusted with twist and lock feature
  • Large windows allow for easy access to feed
  • Fill and auger system delivers an accurate and uniform feed level to the entire flock
  • Our patented use of shocker wire in flooding keeps birds from perching on the feed tube