Turkey Drinkers

For turkeys of all ages

Turkey drinkers supply turkeys of every age with sufficient amounts of clean drinking water. All drinkers include a nipple with pendulum and a cup which offers the birds open water.

At low water levels, the birds move the pendulum from side to side with their heads as they drink from the cup, triggering the nipple valve to open. Water then flows through the pendulum into the cup. When the birds stop drinking, the pendulum moves back to its original position, closing the valve and stopping the water flow.

If water remains in the cup, the birds are able to drink directly from the cup without activating the pendulum, which prevents the cup from overflowing. As is important for every drinker, the correct height adjustment is important for optimum water consumption.

Important Advantages

  • Supplies turkeys of all ages with sufficient amounts of clean drinking water
  • Eliminates routine cleaning
  • Provides a fresher supply of water
  • Improves litter conditions
  • Enhances air quality
  • Improves bird health
  • Maintains birds in cleaner condition


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