BigFoot Tube Heater

An ideal temperature in your poultry house

Big Dutchman is uniquely qualified to design a heating system for you that maintains a temperature controlled environment which, in turn, helps you produce uniformly healthy birds.

Important Advantages

  • Better radiant throw
  • Less convective wash
  • Higher radiant output and more fuel efficient
  • Faster to put heat on the floor
  • Low clearances to combustibles above
  • Unique U-bend reflector directs more heat from the end of the tube
  • Even temperature distribution
  • Allows birds warm access to food and water
  • 4″ diameter tubes create large radiant surface to emit heat to the outside wall
  • Bigger footprint than other competitive units


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Let a Local Distributor Advise You

Big Dutchman has a large network of trusted poultry distributors who are ready to work with you on your project. To get started, locate a distributor near you.