Space-saving rooster chain feeding system


The patent pending MaleChain rooster feeding system allows you to feed your roosters separately from the hens with the same proven chain design used for feeding female breeder hens. Feeding roosters separately from the hens is important for high fertility rates, and good chick quality. By feeding males separately, you can use a special mix of feed specifically for roosters. MaleChain consists of an entire chain loop with one trough, making this a simple, efficient, and durable package that’s also easy to install and maintain.

Important Advantages

  • Space saving, flexible chain feeding system for feeding roosters or for offering supplemental feed
  • The chain feeding loop is inside a single, straight line trough with a center divider
  • Chain transports feed coming from the hopper in two directions, reducing stress for the males
  • Standing or suspended installation
  • Height can be adjusted so females cannot reach the feed
  • Feed is distributed quickly throughout the entire house
  • Chain promotes natural smoothing of the beak
  • Birds can be inspected while they eat
  • Well-suited for any house length since the hopper can be installed at the beginning or middle of the feed line
  • Open trough makes cleaning easier
  • Good price / performance ratio


Single trough chain loop with center divider
rooster chain feeding
Single chain loop with innovative 180˚ corner design
rooster chain feeding
Collapsible feed hose available for simple presentation feeding
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View and download the latest MaleChain product brochure, and see our broiler breeder catalog.

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