Reinforced egg belt drive for smooth transfer of eggs

The EggTrax egg handling system is used to transfer broiler breeder eggs from the longitudinal egg belt to the cross belt. The system ensures a simple, safe and smooth transfer of eggs for maximum quality control. Adjustable wire threads and anti-crack fingers are just a few of the advantageous features of this proven system.

Important Advantages

  • Tension adjustable wire threads (optional) ensure a smooth transfer of the eggs while simultaneously allowing feathers, dust, and eggs without shell to fall down between the threads
  • Anti-crack fingers provide a light pressure on the eggs, ensuring a controlled transfer to the cross belt
  • An integrated egg belt brush cleans the belts
  • Transfer of the eggs onto a rod or steep conveyor is optional
  • The unit can be removed single-handedly, facilitating cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner
  • Standard conveying speed 13.1 ft. per minute
  • Drive width 6.95″, 13.78″, 19.69″