Gestation Barn

While conventional gestation stalls are still available, group housing of pregnant sows, or ‘pen gestation’, has become the growing trend for investments and renovating existing sow barns. Due to the growing concern for animal welfare legislation banning gestation stalls is being passed the world over. Group housing allows sows freedom to move, social interaction and increased comfort. With proper management, animal performance is increased. Records of sow farms who have made the transition to group housing document top reproductive performance and lower sow mortality rates because sows thrive in the group environment.

Group Housing Options

Electronic Sow Feeding is used for sows kept in pen gestation. Electronic sow feeders provide all the benefits of being able to manage your sow’s feed intake individually, while giving the sows freedom to move and the comfort of living in a group environment.

The free-access stall developed by Big Dutchman provides animal friendly housing for the sows and optimal working conditions for the farm staff. It can be used in the breeding and gestation barns.

Quarter Stalls

  • All sows eat at the same time
  • Sows can easily be supervised during feeding times
  • Sows do not need any training for this system
  • No aggression during feeding
  • Feeding space is 45 – 55 cm (17.72 – 21.65 inches) wide
  • Simple pen arrangement
  • Cost-effective solution