Pen Gestation

Make the move to group sow housing

Group housing can provide the best environment for your animals when managed properly. Pen gestation allows sows freedom to move, social interaction and increased comfort. Records of sow farms who have made the transition to group housing document top reproductive performance and lower sow mortality rates because sows thrive in the group environment.

Important Advantages

  • Allows sows freedom to move and the comfort of living in a group environment
  • Gives sows social interaction
  • Increases reproductive performance
  • Lower sow mortality rates
  • Electronic Sow Feeding allows you to manage your sow’s feed intake individually

Control Exactly What Your Sows Eat With Electronic Sow Feeding

Electronic Sow Feeding is used for sows kept in pen gestation. Electronic sow feeders provide all the benefits of being able to manage your sow’s feed intake individually, while giving the sows freedom to move and the comfort of living in a group environment.

Big Dutchman offers several electronic sow feeding options that are perfect for sows in pen gestation. Easily managed and monitored by our BigFarmNet management software, our ESF systems allow farmers to keep tabs on sow and feed data as well as connect and control further modules such as heat detection and health monitoring for total sow management.

Related Products

CallMatic 3 Pro

The CallMatic 3 Pro ESF system works well for both stable and dynamic groups and can be adapted to fit any space requirement. CallMatic 3 Pro can also work with either dry or liquid feed and offers several options to make management simpler, including sorting, color marking, and heat detection.

CallBack Pro

The CallBack Pro feeding system brings together free access stall environment and Electronic Sow Feeding technology. Using our 510 Pro controller, CallBack Pro stations are able to be managed from central controllers, making management very simple and protecting your equipment.


Control and administer your entire farm with a single software. No matter whether its a sow or finishing barn, feeding or climate, one house or an entire farm complex, BigFarmNet is the all-in-one solution for your farm – even if it’s is spread among several locations.

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